Selin Kocagoncu was born in Toronto, and lives and works in Istanbul. She composes game-like structures which are at times socially-engaged and at other times particularly personal. She earned a BA from WesleyanUniversityin 2005 and, in 2010, an MFA from MarmaraUniversity, Istanbul. For Anyone sitting?, Kocagoncu’s recent solo show at Manzara-Perspectives (Istanbul), she orchestrated a cathartic drinking game dealing with failure of communication. Her video work has been screened at White Box (NYC) and Akbank Art Center (Istanbul). Kocagoncu’s work has also been shown at The Usher Gallery (Lincoln, UK), AC Institute (NYC), Siemens Art (Istanbul), GalataPerform (Istanbul), and in House of Legacy for Real Presence 8 (Belgrade), where her performance series SK Vending Machine debuted. Kocagoncu is continuing to develop Solo, a series of performative experiments in verbal and nonverbal communication that aim to reclaim femininity in contemporary Istanbul.


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