“Askere Gitmeyin” published

“Askere gitmeyin”, digital drawing, 2013

Askere gitmeyin image

Trans. Don’t do your military service be-c-ause we will.

The contributors of the book Askere Gitmeyin were asked to complete the stem sentence “Askere gitmeyin cunku” (Trans. “Don’t do your military service because”) using whichever format preferred.

For details and ordering or downloading the book, visit askeregitmeyin.com.


Photos from the Creative Time Summit Istanbul Screening Events

Ece Sariyuz

Ece Sariyuz

Besides the live screening, the Creative Time Summit Istanbul Screening Events included a panel that took place on October 26th at Co-Pilot.

The participants with their topics were:

Derya Nuket Ozer (of Sulukule Platform) on Sulukule, Tahribad-ı İsyan, and “Wonderland”
Ece Sarıyüz (of Cultural Intermediaries) on the Gülsuyu-Gülensu Project and existing in public space
Ezgi Bakçay (academic/activist) on Gezi, art, and “aesthetic-political activism”
KABA HAT (artist initiative) with a dynamic debate on the definition of public and private space.

Moderator: Selin Kocagöncü

We intend to upload the panel on Vimeo sometime in the future.

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Creative Time Summit Istanbul Screening Events this Friday 25th & Saturday 26th

Creative Time Summit Istanbul Screening Events

Creative Time Summit Istanbul Screening Events are a MAHAL & Co-PILOT collaboration.

Besides the live screening of the Summit, the Events will include a live Q&A session where the event participants will be able to ask their questions directly to a selection of the Summit speakers.

Additionally, there will be a panel focusing on the Summit topics as they pertain to Turkey. The panel, which I will be moderating, starts 2 PM Saturday and will feature: Ezgi Bakçay, KABA HAT, Derya Nüket Özer, Ece Sarıyüz.

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